Special Situations

ALTERX is an asset manager specialised in adding value to under managed real estate projects.
ALTERX has a long track record and strong reputation for managing complex assets and special situations. The ultimate goal is to add value to under managed real estate.


We aim to increase asset values by:


• Preparing a strategic review of the “asset purpose” within its geographic location.

• Injecting fresh capital for asset management initiatives such as mall refurbishments, tenant incentives, assets redevelopment / partial redevelopment, overdue maintenance CAPEX with the goal to increase the occupational attractiveness of the assets.

• Providing state of the art resources to connect “bricks and mortars” with the digital world.

• Allocating hands-on dedicated teams to execute regular business plans, as we believe accountability and leadership are fundamental to the success of a project.

• Directly managing the various service providers needed for the turnaround.

• Continuously reporting to stakeholders to guarantee full transparency.


We are interested in commercial and residential real estate.

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