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We seek to identify intrinsic value within opportunities that enable us to price the appropriate risk-adjusted returns. We aim to deliver the ‘right’ solution for each situation, through collaboration with the relevant participants. As optional, long-term investors, we will always seek to invest only when the situation is right, and believe in the creation of wealth, rather than IRR, which enables us to make timely realizations but also to adapt business plans when it is profitable to do so.


We believe our analytical, transparent, data-driven approach is a differentiator in today’s market due to the limited offer of specialised partners acting on a fiduciary basis with capital alignment. We act on opportunities sourced by team members, as well as local strategic operating partners with significant experience and financial alignment.


Today, ALTERX controls over 30,000 residential plots in England, through promotion, option and freeholds. We own a housebuilding business, that has grown by circa 35% p.a. since acquisition. In our portfolio companies, we have over 70 people working within the sector. In addition, we have strategic joint ventures with specialists within specific geographies and sectors. The future GDV of our current investments is expected to be in excess of £7.5bn.


Example case study: UK Land Promotions Company


• 25,000+ homes
• 2,500 units completed
• 17,700 units secured
• 6,100 units pipeline

Gross Acres

• 4,500+ Gross acres
• 440 acres completed
• 3,100 acres secured
• 1,000 acres pipeline


• 11 sites completed
• 34 sites secured
• 9 sites pipeline


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