Town Regeneration

We understand that the future of retail is multifaceted and complex. As rapid change moves us towards an increasingly interconnected and digitized environment, places where social interaction can occur, must adapt and offer omnichannel and experiential ways of engaging with consumers and their wider audience. Our approach towards retail asset management focuses on creating physical spaces which encourage community building and place the shopping centre and the wider experience of entertainment, dining and curated events at the heart of the town.


• Future town centre retail will need to be highly diversified and rebalanced in its offer and consumer appeal assets which draw on the ‘personality’ of place the local culture, societal aspects, politics, heritage and history, commerce, trade, and other uses.

• For this to be achieved, we must look beyond asset sector siloes to town centres as multi-use and multi-tenanted assets where the value is underpinned less by lease length and covenant strength than by underlying asset performance metrics such as trade and footfall, and a rich diversity of occupiers.

• This is our opportunity to repurpose town centres into mixed-use community-oriented environments which are aligned with the local population, economy, and culture.

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